Mainline Supa Sweet Ziggers

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Mainline’s Supa Sweet Ziggers are perfectly shaped, ultra-buoyant hook baits, which as their name suggests have been designed as the perfect Zig Rig hook bait. Ideally suited to targeting fish active within any layer of the water column. 

Reliability is a key value of any buoyant pop-up or hook bait, especially so in the case of Zig Rig hook baits not only required to elevate along hooklink, but also maintain this suspended position. A vital element we have successfully tested and installed within the NEW ultra-buoyant Supa Sweet Ziggers. The reliable performance of the Supa Zigger is then further enhanced by a highly attractive, water-soluble sweetener and the visual stimulus of three proven colour combinations. Supplied in a neat three section, screw together tub.



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