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Fosoil is a fish feed inducing oil designed for the fish farming industry as a feed inducing coating for pelleted foods, and are suited to any of the fishmeal base mixes in the range at 5ml per egg. 
Fosoil is an ideal high-fat source in any of the base mixes, not only the fishmeals. They should be used at about 15ml per pound for this purpose.

A unique and powerful feed triggering agent that can be used in conjunction with Meta-Mino or on its own in any type of bait. 
Being very water-soluble it will aid attraction at all temperatures. Multi-Stim can also be used on its own or mixed with Profile Plus, Activ-Ade or Response flavours for use as a soak/dip in the colder months. 

Hempseed Oil 
This is one of the best natural attractors for carp. 
Now available in it's extracted form concentrated Hempseed Oil Is perfect for coating/glugging your boilies, particles and pellets or enhancing ground baits and Method mixes.

This is an amino-based compound and feeds inducing agent that can be used in any type of bait. 
It has a neutral smell and taste and will not alter the smell of the finished bait - instead, it will enhance the bait and allow a high-leakage rate in water to aid attraction.
As with the Multi-Stim, it can be used for dipping hook baits all year round.



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