Korda Running Rig

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Korda Hybrid Running Rigs are a crossbreed of the best parts of modern running rigs. The large eye of the special swivel creates very little friction, greatly enhancing bite indication. The small lead link and silicone sleeve combine to form a very neat, tangle-proof system. The rig can be left on your rods, minus the lead, in between sessions too, maximising bank time. Running rigs offer a better indication of what is happening at the rig end. When fish are picking up the rig and getting away with it, running rigs will show this more accurately. Using low-stretch monos, like Touchdown, will also greatly enhance the indication.

  • Pack that contains all you need to make running rigs
  • Available in weedy green
  • Contains Big Eye swivels, Shok Beads, Kwik Links and Silicone tubing
  • Enough to make five rigs



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