Guru Super LWG Eyed Barbless Hooks

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The original LWG established itself as an astonishingly popular pattern. We have now introduced a premium version of this – the Super LWG! Featuring a round bend and wide gape with an inturned point, the Super LWG is PTFE coated to ensure the hook remains strong, durable and discrete in appearance. A single hook has proved to last throughout intense bagging sessions. The ‘Wasabi’ point stays razor sharp to give you maximum hooking capability at all times. Available in both eyed and spade patterns, the hooks are perfect for presenting all kinds of baits, from maggots, casters and worms, to meat, corn and pellets. The eyed versions are superb for hair rigging a band when using hard pellets, or for holding a Speed Stop to present hair-rigged baits.

  • Premium version of the proven LWG hook
  • Available in both eyed and spade end patterns
  • ideal for all manner of baits including Maggots, pellets, corn, meat and worms
  • Barbless only




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