Guru Speedstop Hair Stops

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We're always looking for ways to increase the efficiency of our angling, and this little gem is the latest result of that search. The Speedstop system allows ultra-quick mounting of drilled pellets, soft pellets, corn luncheon meat, boilies and worms onto the hair rig. Once the small, plastic Speedstop is tied to the hair it can be fitted to the Speedstop Needle and pushed easily through a bait. Once through, the Speedstop acts as a hair stop. Each pack includes one Speedstop Needle and 36 Speedstops. Packs containing 36 spare Speedstops are also available.

  • A clever hook bait attachment system and hair stop, all in one
  • Allows quick mounting of drilled pellets, soft pellets, corn, meat, boilies and worms
  • Packs contain 36 Speed stops and Speed Stop Needle
  • Packs containing 36 speed Stops alone are available



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