Guru Pulse 8 Braid

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Pulse8 is a top quality eight carrier braid mainline - eight carrier means it's produced used eight tightly woven fine strands, rather than the more usual four, creating a supple, ultra thin, super strong braid. Perfect for feeder or bomb fishing when feel and direct contact is vital, it's the ultimate distance casting braid too. It comes in three breaking strains, 0.08mm/15lb, 0.10mm/18lb and 0.12mm/24lb, on 150m spools.

  • High-tech casting braid for feeder and bomb fishing
  • Eight-carrier design ensures a smooth finish and great casting qualities
  • The ultra-low diameter and unbeatable feel
  • Available in 0.08mm/15lb, 0.10mm/18lb and 0.12mm/24lb, on 150m spools
  • Length: 300m



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