Guru Pellet Waggler Barbless Hooks

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The Pellet Wagger hook has been designed with float hair rigging in mind. As the name suggests, it's particularly suited to use with the pellet waggler, which is so effective on commercial carp waters. The hooks feature an out-turned eye, which ensures that the line exits the eye in a straight line, making for better presentation and greater hooking potential. An extra-long, durable point and wide gape practically guarantee extremely secure hook holds, which will result in more fish in the net. There are six sizes in the range, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 and 20, which will cover you for most commercial carp fishing as well as waggler fishing on a range of venues.

  • A strong hook for use with a pellet waggler
  • Out-turned eye for hair rigging
  • Wide gape and beaked point make for great hook holds
  • Six sizes in the range




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