Guru LWG Ready Pole Rig 6"

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  • Available in a wide diversity of sizes, as well as multiple different breaking strain lines, they ultimately cover pretty much every pole angling situation.
  • There are three different hook patterns available and each is tied with a bayonet-style hair, making them all ideal for baits such as corn, meat and mini boilies, and each is 6 inches long.
  • The smallest, a size 20 is on 0.11mm N-Gauge, with size 16 and 18 hooks to 0.13mm hook links, a size 14 to 0.15mm, and the largest, a size 12, is tied using 0.17mm line.
  • All three patterns feature perfectly tied spade end hooks, as neat as anyone can tie them up themselves, and with a figure-of-eight loop knot at the other end for easy attachment to your line. 
  • Size 12 – 6lb (N-Gauge – 0.17mm Diameter)
  • Size 14 – 5lb (N-Gauge – 0.15mm Diameter)
  • Size 16 – 4lb (N-Gauge – 0.13mm Diameter)
  • Size 18 – 3lb (N-Gauge – 0.13mm Diameter)
  • Size 20 – 3lb (N-Gauge – 0.11mm Diameter)



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