Guru Hybrid Inline Feeder

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The unique design features a contoured, raised lip that keeps the bait parcel enclosed, offering the benefits of both a method and pellet feeder style with great casting properties.

Holes in the base and slits in the walls of the feeder allow water to break down the contents straight away after casting, quickly releasing attractants into the water column, and the hook bait will always be presented to a fish that tries to feed on the feeder’s contents. This results in more bites, sooner after casting out.

The system is compatible with Guru’s X-Safe system – the only safe elasticated feeder system on the market – and the weight options (24-45g) and three sizes (mini, small and large) cover short, medium and long-range situations.

  • Weight-forward aerodynamic design to aid casting
  • Holes in the base and slits in the side walls allow quick but controlled bait breakdown
  • Clever and extremely tough one-piece body
  • New commercial camo paint finish



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