Guru Commercial Cage Feeder

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The updated Commercial Cage Feeder is the latest addition to the growing range. They're super-versatile and will appeal to both commercial match anglers and specimen hunters, targeting the rivers in search of chub, barbel and bream. The development team carried forward what they'd learnt from our much-loved cage feeders and applied it to these ultra-tough improved versions, of which there are four sizes. The most important aspect is the weight-forward design, which makes for accurate, long casting, followed closely by the enlarged holes in the frame that allow for super-quick bait discharge. These feeders are the perfect baiting tools when targeting shallow island margins for F1s on commercials and the design allows for explosive bait release, which in turn allows you to get even quicker bites. The cage feeders share the same advanced-camo colouration as the Pellet and Method feeders, a subtle blend that allows the feeders to melt into the lake or riverbed and not arouse the suspicions of the feeding fish. These feeders will take pellets, groundbait, chopped worms, casters and even cubes of luncheon meat making them true all-rounders.

  • New breed of toughened plastic
  • Large holes for rapid bait release
  • Comes with an inline tube and stiff swivel stem
  • Interchangeable with the X-Safe system




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