Guru Bait Box

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The boxes are available in three sizes – 3.3 pints, 2.2 pints and one pint (which is an exact 1-pint measure, making it ideal for anglers who have to keep to strict bait limits). The two larger tubs have perforated lids and the smaller version is available with solid and perforated lids. The larger boxes will fit traditional bait waiters, and two of the smaller boxes will fit snugly inside the bigger boxes.

“You can’t reinvent a bait box,” Adam Rooney explains, “However, we all use bait boxes and as the Guru band grows, a simple range of boxes meeting our team’s requirements makes a nice addition to the range. The boxes all have a nice strong overmoulded lid with a window to help the anglers locate what is in each box.

  • Available in 1, 2.2 and 3.3 pint sizes
  • Solid lid version available for use with pellets
  • Designed to help match anglers keep to strict bait limits
  • Overmoulded lid with window to prevent warping and locate product inside



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