Gardner Slinga Catapult

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As part of our ongoing product improvements, the large Slinga catapults are now supplied with new catapult pouch clips/fittings and upgraded natural colour latex elastic.

The new elastics offer increased performance (better distance/accuracy ) and improved longevity; whilst the new pouch clips used to mount the pouch make changing catapult components easier and quicker.

The large Slinga catapult frame features:

  • Extremely strong, lightweight reinforced composite moulded frame.
  • Non-slip, rubberised hand grip.
  • Secure elastic mount points with integral ridge retains the elastics in position.
  • General dimensions (Frame only) Height = 22.5cm, Width = 15.5cm (between arms).
  • Colour: Black

The three models in the large Slinga catapult range include the following pouch options:

  • Boilie Pouch – the one for accuracy and range.
  • Particle Pouch – this larger pouch ideal for larger volume bait application.
  • Groundbait Pouch – this features an integral plastic support to avoid the pouch squashing and fracturing the ground bait balls.
  • All pouches feature reinforced brass eyelets, embedded in a double layer vinyl material for extra strength.

*Latex elastic can be affected by contamination form bait additives and UV light – It is the best performance option for catapults but is realistically a ‘consumable’ – especially used at maximum stretch/range.



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