Gardner PVA System Wide Micro-Mesh (35mm)

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The new ‘wide’ Micro-Mesh PVA system is ideal for making slightly larger PVA bags incorporating any dry feed (pellet/boilie/groundbait) or with PVA friendly particle baits.

The more substantial bags can focus feeding around the hookbait for longer – or simply attract actively feeding carp onto your baited rig quicker as they create a nice little pile of freebies.

The ‘wide’ micro-mesh PVA system features a 35mm diameter PVA mesh mounted on a funnelled loading tube, and is a great general purpose size PVA system for any carp and specimen angler.

Each system features a strong outer tube, a funnelled inner tube and a dedicated plunger for compressing baits and aiding construction of tidy PVA bags.

The system is supplied with 7 metres of Wide size micro-mesh ‘All Season’ PVA.

  • Gardner Micro-Mesh PVA has a fine denier weave, ideal for use with maggots, dot pellet and powder combinations.
  • Micro-Mesh PVA has been developed to be robust enough for all PVA fishing requirGarements, yet fine enough to ensure rapid dispersal in cold water conditions.
  • Micro-Mesh PVA systems are also available in ‘standard’ (25mm) & the ‘Double Barrel’ format which includes both sizes standard and wide PVA micro-mesh loaders.

*Standard and Wide 7m Micro-mesh refills are available separately on 7m spools.



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