Frenzee FMR MK2 3000 Reel

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This system allows the angler to have full measured control of the backwind without any possibilities of over-spin and tangles. PBS offers a complete smooth, tensioned backwind that can be adjusted to match the fishing situation. Tensioned to suit the conditions, the PBS can be set so a running fish can take line under pressure yet stop as soon as the fish does. True innovation in reel design.

The FMR also benefits from a top quality front drag system as well as having added features such as dual balance double handles and smooth cast spool lips. The future of fixed spool reels has arrived!

  • Supplied with both balanced double and single handle
  • Uprated enhanced MK2
  • Technically balanced body
  • Soft touch handle grip
  • Stainless steel shaft including zinc gearing
  • Digitally machined spools
  • Gear ratio 6.2:1
  • Spare spool
  • Anti-friction Spool lip
  • Balanced rotor for smoother winding
  • Precise oscillation speed for perfect line lay
  • Airlight bail arm gives a smooth rotation and controlled return
  • 12+1 ball bearings
  • Monofilament and braid friendly line roller and clip
  • Advanced power front drag system that delivers sustained performance
  • The FMR is also available in a left-handed handle option.

Line Capacity: size 3000 = 0.16mm/185M, 0.20mm/150M, 0.24mm/125M

Line Capacity: size 4000 = 0.16mm/250M, 0.20mm/200M, 0.24mm/165M




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