Mainline Fluoro Pop-Ups Pink & White Mini Micro 8mm

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Mainline Fluoro Pop-Ups are quite simply a must-have item for the dedicated carper. Combining two highly visual colours of pink and white with your favourite dedicated freezer bait flavours to create a high-attract hook bait selection with a food source signal… 

The result really does typify the term ‘the best of both worlds’ in so many different ways. Fluoro Pink & White Pop-Ups can be used to promote quicker bites from a feed of dedicated boilies or induce hook bait investigation from shy or lethargic. Not only do these bright pop-ups provide a great alternative hook bait when combined with heavy feed tactics, they also perform extremely well as ‘single’ hook baits – especially when a food source flavour such as Cell or Hybrid is already established.   

There are two sizes available, 14mm and the NEW Mini Micro 8mm size meaning all your rig requirements from single pop-ups to topping Snowman Rigs are covered!

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