ESP Artificial Buoyant Double Corn

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ESP Double Corn is permanently buoyant and available in five proven carp catching colours. The distinct sizes where originally designed to pop up the ESP Cryogen Stiff Riggers in Sizes 5, 6, 7 & 8 but can, of course, be used on a wide range of hook patterns and sizes to create critically balanced baits or perfect pop-ups.

Perfect for balancing a rig without the need for putty. Artificial baits without the need for putty ensure you can continue fishing effectively for as long as possible even in crayfish infested waters. Each double corn also features a hair stop groove, allowing the hair stops to be pulled down into the bait, making it harder for crayfish to pull it off and remove the bait.

One packet contains 4 sizes and 16 pieces in total

Supplied with a strip of hair stops

Available Colours: Yellow, Fluoro Yellow & Orange, Pink & White




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